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We studied many approaches which usually were used in insurance industry for recruiting insurance agents, but very few of them where effective. After studying, experimenting and analyzing lots of approaches we came to the conclusion that, the approaches which was used was not giving expected results because of three reasons.

  • 1. The selection of medium of approach was not proper.
  • 2. The approaches were not properly planned
  • 3. They were not properly executed.

The approach which I have explained in my training material is not based on any hypothetical theories or concepts. Each and every activity which is discussed is tried and tested practically, in live situations and have generated great results by recruiting quality of insurance agents and in quantity as well.

Recruitment must be managed as a process with a proven set of process management principles. In searching for a solution to this management dilemma, I based my work on two fundamental beliefs.

That Recruitment of Insurance Agents must be viewed as a seamless cohesive process, rather than distinct, separate functions

That the process model must be usable and useful in day-to-day applications as well as from a long-term perspective.

Dear friends… recruitment is a stream where in you need to have the conviction in yourself, in your company & in the career opportunity which you are offering. Without conviction you won’t be able to convince the prospective insurance agent at all. First you have to believe in yourself, in whatever you want your customer buy. If you yourself doubt the product that you are selling than it would be really difficult for you to face challenges during the sales call and I suppose, you won’t be able to close that sales call.

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