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Thank you Ravi Sir for the session. I will always be grateful to you for introducing the concept of Mass Recruiting Activities.

I really liked the idea of Influencing prospect rather convincing. We should aspire for Social Media Influencer in our domain.

Thank you so much for all that you've done — I only hope I can return the favor sometime in the future by recruiting 100 agents in 2021. Thanks for being a good mentor and for guiding us on the right path.


Sandip K.

Kolkata, India


Deepak Mishra

Delhi, India.

Sir, I was about to lose my job. Recruitment of agents was just not happening. The pressure was building up and I had made up my mind that I would be resigning from my current company before they sack me out. But, luckily after goggling out my problem I can across your training material. Then I released what mistakes I was making in my recruitment approach. I rectified them and guess what ? Last month I was awarded as the best recruiter in my company in the whole northern region.

Thanks a ton for the training material "recruiting agents". I am an insurance recruiter in Indonesia and have used the recruitment activities. The process of recruiting agents in your training material is just awesome. "You follow it and You get results" its as simple as that.

Thanks a ton.


Dulfatah Damanik

Padang, Indonesia


Panduka Sha

Sri Lanka

You are AWESOME !!! I came across your site, bought the training material and suddenly the wave of this incredible energy and confidence started flowing through my veins. Your site has saved my professional career as it was on the verge of finishing. Now I understood, its all about understanding the correct approach to execute the recruitment activities.

Thanx a ton Ravi Sir, for this wonderful training material. Thanx for your spontaneous support over emails and guidance. In my talk yesterday with my boss, I came to know that, he recruited me as an insurance agent few years back with the support of your training material and now, as I have also professionally grown to the level of a Sales Manager, your training material is helping me to recruit the quality insurance agents for my team.


Deepak Jayaweera

Sri Lanka


Manish Mehta

Gujarat, India

Dear Ravi Sir,
I am a person who have been hopping from one insurance company to another. In last 2 years, this is my 4th Insurance Company. In every company which I worked with, I joined as Sales Development Manager and failed badly in terms of recruitment. I know that you are very well aware about how the bosses in this industry screw your happiness when you are not performing. I was going through the toughest time in my life. Recruiting insurance agents was once, one of my worst nightmares. Honestly, I visited your website 4 to 5 times, but always thought that this training material would also be like one of those fake materials floating around the net. So, never thought of buying it. It was the time, when I was about to get sacked by my 4th company as well for my non-performance, I thought to give your training material a shot and downloaded it. I tried all the recruitment activities which you have explained in your training material and have got success in all of them.. yes, you heard me right.. I got success in all of the recruitment activities. I simply followed the process of executing the activities by keeping blind faith on you and GUESS WHAT ?????

When I am drafting this email to you I am having my promotion letter from Sales Development Manager to Branch Sales Manager in my company and even an award for breaking highest recruitment record. Sir, now almost every Sales Development Manager in my Branch follows your training material as a bible, and are also recruiting successfully.

Myself Anshuman Das, I am working as an Area Manager in one of the reputed insurance company in India. It has been 24 years now, I am working in this industry and have attained success with all the aspects of the insurance business. Be it business acquisition or be it insurance agent recruitment. A month back I visited your website and was amazed to know that someone is addressing the serious issue of the correct approach of recruiting insurance agents so professionally. I bought your training material, and after watching and learning it, I realized that if I would have got something like this 24 years back, when I started my career, I would have been grown in my professional life more faster.

Honestly, your training material is indeed one of the best training materials I have ever read.


Anshuman Das

Kolkota, India


Deepak Patel


Ravi Sir,
First of all, let me thank you for developing such a fantastic training material. Sir, I am working as an Development Officer with a very well known insurance company in India. When I started my career as an insurance recruiter, I recruited quite a good numbers of insurance agents. But, all the agents which I recruited were of student profile and were too young to understand the seriousness of earning money. They were not having any need to earn money and were not loaded with any social responsibility to fulfill. Although I was having good number of agents in my team but still I was not performing in business terms in my company. As a result, it was ultimately questioning my managerial competency. Luckily, a friend of mine, who is also working in an insurance company, referred me your training material. The training material which I bought, “ the Bundle Pack of Recruiting Agents “ has indeed proved as an eye opening training material for me. I realized that an insurance agents’ team has to be a mix of all the segments. The biggest mistake that I was committing was, I was putting my career in the hands of college going brats and hence it hampered my career. But now, I am having a great team and 97 % of my team members ( agents ) are active month on month and doing great business.

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